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SOLID West 2023
Ethical and Legal AI.jpg

SOLID West 2023:
Ethical and Legal AI

By Illana Golbin
solid west 2023.png

SOLID West 2023:
Implementation Process - What you need to know

By Chris Beahn
The Benefits of Complexity.png

SOLID West 2023:
The Benefits of Complexity

By J. Stephen Poor
Chief of Staff Evolution.png

SOLID West 2023:
Chief of Staff Evolution

By Sanjay Batra
Legal Tech Spending.png

SOLID West 2023:
Legal Tech Spending, Budget and Priorities Industry Snapshot

By Molly Huie
Building a Law School to In-House Pipelin.png

SOLID West 2023: Building a Law School to In-House Pipeline

By Drew Amerson
Solid West 2023.png

SOLID West 2023

By Julia Hasenzahl
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