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David Cohen -Reedsmith.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023:
GPT AI" When Will I be Replaced?

By David Cohen
AI Talk - John Haystack.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023: From Checking it Out to Checkmate: The Immediacy of the Endgame for AI in Litigation

By John Brewer
Debbie Reynolds.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023: Next-Level Legal Productivity: 5 Tips for Using ChatGPT as Your Virtual Assistant

By Debbie Reynolds
Mary Agbovi.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023:
The Art of Connection

By Mary Agbovi
Dera Nevin.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023:Transforming Leadership Skills In Just 12 Minutes A Day

By Dera Nevin

SOLID Chicago 2023: Universal Truth in a Time of Great Change 

By Brian Meegan
Molly Huie & Jessica Blaemire - Bloomberg Law.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023: Using data to support DEI and Well-being initiatives in the Legal Industry

By Molly Huie & Jessica Blaemire
Disco - Zmrhal.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023: The Unexpected Career Path

By Kristin Zmrhal
Amy Sellers.jpg

SOLID Chicago 2023: The Mind Budget Connection - Wellness in The Legal Community

By Amy Sellars
Building a Law School to In-House Pipelin.png

SOLID West 2023: Building a Law School to In-House Pipeline

By Drew Amerson
Ethical and Legal AI.jpg

SOLID West 2023: Ethical and Legal AI

By Illana Golbin
solid west 2023.png

SOLID West 2023: Implementation Process - What you need to know

By Chris Beahn
The Benefits of Complexity.png

The Benefits of Complexity

By J. Stephen Poor
Chief of Staff Evolution.png

Chief of Staff Evolution

By Sanjay Batra
Legal Tech Spending.png

Legal Tech Spending, Budget and Priorities Industry Snapshot

By Molly Huie
Solid West 2023.png

SOLID West 2023

By Julia Hasenzahl
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