SOLID East Summit Agenda 
Thursday, September 13th, 2018



SOLID West Summit Agenda 
Thursday, March 15th, 2018

*Content Subject to Change

7:30-8:00AM - Registration and Networking Breakfast
8:00-8:20AM - Welcome Ceremony
Welcome includes:

1. Call to action
2. Summit overview
3. Introduction to working groups

8:20-8:35AM - Table Introductions

SESSION ONE: “Business of Law: Vision of the Future. Succeeding at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Technologies and the Business of Law”

"The InHouse Counsel's Point of View on Corporate Expectations of Outside Counsel Regarding Innovation and the Evolving Law Firm Business Model" - Jennifer Warner, VP of Legal, Columbia Sportswear Company

The SOLID Summit Opening Keynote 

In-house leaders are moving into broader roles, are key drivers of strategic initiatives and are reshaping their law departments to meet these evolving standards.  In-house leaders expect their outside counsel to be dramatic drivers of innovation and change and rely on them for Innovative approaches and NextGen technology to anticipate and solve tomorrow’s problems.  Jen Warner, the Vice President of Legal for Columbia Sportswear Company, has been an in-house leader for more than ten years and she recently interviewed her peers across industries and organizations to talk about what they expect to see from their key providers.  Join David for a candid conversation with Jen about in-house counsels’ evolving experiences and expectations.  

"The Law Firm of the Future" - Ben Allgrove, Innovation Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP
The practice of law is changing fast. What it will look like in the future is still up for debate. As one of the leaders of change at one of the world’s largest law firms, Ben will share his perspective on what the law firm of the future will look like and what needs to change across the legal ecosystem if we are to get there.
"A Law Firm's Path To a Culture of Innovation. The 8 Year Journey to Overnight Success" - Bill Painter, Shareholder and Chief Innovation Officer, Baker Donelson

Mr. Painter is a shareholder with Baker Donelson and has been a practicing attorney for 43 years in the areas of tax and corporate law, focusing on M & A transactions in the healthcare sector.
Mr. Painter served as the Firm’s first Chief Strategic Planning Officer for 7 years and is currently the Chief Innovation Officer for the Firm. In this capacity, the Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Legal Project Management, Pricing, eDiscovery, Contract Counsel and BakerResearch Departments report to him, as well as the Firm’s non-legal services.

Mr. Painter’s SOLID Talk will reveal the unfolding picture of what it will mean/require to be a lawyer/law firm in the 21st century. William will share how implementing innovative solutions to provide the value his clients need and demand is a truly collaborative process and that both his lawyers and his clients have equally critical roles to play in capturing that value. 

By the end of William’s talk, the audience will have a better understanding of the investments required, in terms of money, time and people, to deliver innovative solutions within the delivery of Legal services. 

Fireside Chat - Jim Vint, Managing Director, Practice Lead - Global Technology Solutions, Navigant Consulting
"Making The Invisible, Visible. The Link Between Technology and Legal" - Brett Tarr, Counsel: Litigation, E-Discovery & Info Gov, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Discussing NextGen Tech and Artificial intelligence in action, Brett will share examples of how he is using non-legal AI to advance the legal department into the heart of the organization, carving out a new future of relevance for the legal department. The new age legal professional needs more than just legal skills to provide value. Understanding technology, business, and the role of people, process, and technology together is what drives value in the law department of tomorrow. Tools like AI, Internet of Things, and other non-legal technologies are driving innovation that will shape the next 100 years.

Information Governance – It’s a Legal Function.

"Prioritizing and Starting an Innovation Program" - Working Group Presentation

The Innovation working group was created back in September of 2017 at SOLID East. The objective of the group is to discover and highlight best practices toward cultivating an innovative culture and mentality within your firm or law department, as well as actionable information towards successfully creating an innovation program. What does it take? Who needs to be involved? What is the first step? These answers and more will all be tackled during Dennis’ presentation.

The working group presentor:
Dennis Kennedy, Former VP and Senior Counsel, Digital Payments & Lab at Mastercard

Table Discussions and Takeaways
Discuss the keynotes and summarize important takeaways with your peers.

After listening to session’s SOLID Talks, the tables will take 20 minutes to discuss, exchange ideas and answer the following questions:

  1. What do I know now that I did not know 30 minutes ago.
  2. What do I think now that I did not think 30 minutes ago.
  3. Create a 90-day action plan to bring back to the office based on what you just learned.
Morning Break

SESSION TWO: “Innovation: AI in Action Use Cases”

"AI in Law Departments: Next or Not? - Bobbi Basile, Managing Director, HBR Consulting

Bobbi’s talk will shed light on law department current and future plans for the application of AI-enabled technologies and services. She will share how HBR has begun to inform strategic planning and inspire innovation through a survey conducted nation-wide, accompanied by round table events with participants from Fortune 500 companies. 

Bobbi believes that AI-enabled technology enhances attorneys roles by equipping them with intelligent tools to reduce mundane activities, enable rapid access and assimilation of information and problem-solving resources to transform the delivery of legal services.

By the end of Bobbi’s SOLID Talk, she hopes audience members will be aware of 3 things…

1. The speed of which innovation is accelerating in the legal industry
2. AI-enabled tools in the law department is what is NEXT
3. AI’s place (in the profession) is to optimize, NOT obviate attorneys

Law Firm Sprint Panel

SOLID Law Firm sprint panels will be comprised of 2-4 law firm partners and counsel who will be answering the following two questions in a lightening-round fashoin.

Moderator: David Cowen, The Cowen Group

Panelists: Lawton Penn, Client Service Innovation Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Stephen Klein, Global Chief Strategy Officer, NextLaw, Dentons


1. What tools and/or technology are you sandboxing, tool boxing, window boxing and why?

2. With regards to AI in action, what are you doing internally? Can you give us an example of “NextGen Legal technology” or AI that you are working with either internally or with a law firm or strategic partner?

"A View from the top on the Disaggregation of the Legal Supply Chain and What's Next" - Pam Davis, Former Director, Google
"Evaluating, selecting and migrating to NextGen eDiscovery Platforms" - Neil Etheridge, Chief Marketing Officer, DISCO & Nathan Reichardt, WHDS Director of Operations, Wilmer Hale
Neil and Nate will be discussing the process behind seeking, evaluating and deploying NextGen, eDiscovery technology and the lessons learned and problems encountered throughout the experience. Listen to how they solved higher efficiencies and moving to a cloud-based system by implementing joint efforts in getting firm buy-in and proofs of concept off the ground. Because of this, they have increased efficiency by lowering costs.
"Standing Still is NOT an Option: Using Data, AI and Other Technology to Improve (Even Great) Systems - Kate Orr, Practice Management Counsel & Jackson Ratcliffe, Tech Architect, Orrick Labs, - Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

In 2017, Orrick’s CaseStream system won a Financial Times Innovation Award. CaseStream combines people, process and technology to provide an efficient, agile and fully accessible case management system for attorneys and clients. Since its inception, CaseStream has grown to support over 350 litigation matters and our tech company group. The problem – what next? Today’s in-house and outside counsel face non-stop demands to provide better, faster, and stronger services at lower costs. How do you stay ahead of the curve to continue to bring value and meet increased demand, while improving efficiency?

"A Data Science Approach to Search Terms" - Xiao He, Data Scientist, ProSearch Strategies

Based on Maura Grossman’s January 3, 2018 order in the Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation regarding search term methodology, lawyers must have a methodology and a validation process for creating search terms regardless if they are employing Predictive Coding.

Xiao will be sharing how ProSearch solved the problem of using “Blind Search Terms”, an “educated guess approach” as a path to search term creation by validating the integrity of search terms and creating an accurate set of search terms.

"Why Don't We Just Measure It (Legal Dept Performance)?" - Paul Lippe, Legal OnRamp
How inhouse lawyers can measure and visualize legal dept performance to show value, and why that’s a near necessity in today’s metrics driven organizations.

Paul Lippe, who has experience as a Silicon Valley software company GC, head of Business Development and as CEO, will explain how lawyers can use the modern toolkit of Metrics & Dashboards to improve and communicate performance.

We’ll look at specific case studies of improving performance in three areas:

– M&A
– Sales Contracting
– Compliance

and show how superior performance by the legal department can boost the stock price.

You should come out of this session knowing how to use metrics to improve and communicate the value of the legal department.

Table Discussions and Takeaways
Discuss the keynotes and summarize important takeaways with your peers.

After listening to session’s SOLID Talks, the tables will take 20 minutes to discuss, exchange ideas and answer the following questions:

  1. What do I know now that I did not know 30 minutes ago.
  2. What do I think now that I did not think 30 minutes ago.
  3. Create a 90-day action plan to bring back to the office based on what you just learned.
Townhall and Collaborative Q&A
12:00-1:00PM - Lunch
New Table Introductions

SESSION THREE: “Evolving Business models, Groundbreaking Projects: Innovation in Practice”

"Next Gen Models for The Business of Law" - Working Group Presentation

The NextGen working group was created back in September of 2017 at SOLID East. The objective of the group is to develop comprehensive compilation of best NextGen models available to leaders who strive to create innovative change or solve a complex problem within their organization. 

The group’s captains will be presenting their findings which have been gathered and collected through a series of interviews with top industry thought leaders at both law firms and corporations. Using this collective information, the group has defined both the supply and demand sides of a “NextGen” match making tool. What does corporate counsel want? What does in-house counsel want? The group has successfully gathered the answers to those questions and strives to create a “NextGen Matchmaking Engine” wrapped into an automated tool to share and guide other professionals. 

The working group captains and presentors are:
– Jennifer Selig, Director of Customer Relations/IT Practice Support, Kirkland and Ellis LLP
–  Jennifer Warner, VP Legal, Columbia Sportswear
– Brian Stempel, Director Litigation Technology, Kirkland and Ellis LLP

"Building the Cross-Functional Legal Team of Tomorrow Today" - Morgan King, Head of Records & Information Management and Sara Johnson Meyers, Legal Counsel eDiscovery - Shire Pharmaceuticals
Innovations in legal technology are changing the practice of law and the workings of both in-house legal departments and law firms. As we look to our future and continue to transform the way Shire’s Legal department does business, we seek to measure and improve performance, engagement and satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our capabilities to create a stronger department with a shared common vision.

Core team is cross-functional consisting of leaders from: Legal Operations, eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Information Technology.

Our Mission
Enable the Legal team and its clients to achieve peak operational performance by leveraging best in class technology, processes and systems

Our Vision
A highly efficient and effective Legal team that delivers maximum value to Shire through use of its intelligent Legal systems that automate knowledge sharing, reduce waste, bolster productivity and facilitate rapid decision making – value is intrinsic”

Fireside Chat - Andrea Wallack, Chief Executive Officer, NightOwl Discovery
"How to Identify, Engage and Develop Champions Within to Drive a Culture of Innovation" - Camille Reynolds, Senior Director of Knowledge and Innovation Delivery, Fenwick and West
Fenwick sits in the middle of silicon valley with some of the hottest tech startups involved with NexGen legal technology and artificial intelligence in the country. Fenwick shares their story of client collaboration that creates new use cases for legal services.
Fireside Chat - Arup Das, Chief Executive Officer, Alphaserve Technologies
"NextGen Corporate Legal Business Models: How to Profitably Sell Innovation" - Michael Goodman, Senior Counsel, Commercial, NIKE, Inc.
Innovation doesn’t matter if you can’t profitably sell it, to your customers or internal stakeholders. Most legacy business models in the legal industry are hard to sell and stifle innovation. Business model innovation is a pre-requisite to service delivery innovation at scale in the legal industry. Mike will describe the elements of a business model and sales pitch that will help you drive your innovation agenda, whether with customers or internal stakeholders.
"3 Stories of Innovation in Practice" - Nick Robertson, Chief Operating Officer, Relativity

There’s been a recent shift in the Relativity customer base from driving efficiencies in the e-discovery process, to delivering new and innovative solutions that stretch beyond traditional e-discovery. Join Nick as he demonstrates three recent solutions created by the Relativity developer and user community that illustrate this shift. See how Relativity’s mission to help customers organize data, discover the truth, and act on it is being brought to life outside of e-discovery—allowing legal teams to deliver new insights, capabilities, and service offerings to their customers and organizations.

Corporate Sprint Panel

SOLID Corporate sprint panels are comprised of 4 corporate counsel who will be answering the following three questions in a lightening-round fashoin.

Moderator: David Cowen

Jana Mills, Director & Senior Attorney, American Airlines
Pergrin Pervez, Senior Manager – Cybersecurity Division, Blackberry
Ellen Blanchard, Managing Corporate Counsel, eDiscovery,T-Mobile
Miranda Stephani, Associate General Counsel, Levi Strauss & Co.


1. What functions and/or tasks are you bringing in house and no longer giving to your law firms?

2. What law department roles are being Automated, Augmented or Created as a result of “NextGen Legal Technology?”

Table Discussions and Takeaways
Discuss the keynotes and summarize important takeaways with your peers.

After listening to session’s SOLID Talks, the tables will take 20 minutes to discuss, exchange ideas and answer the following questions:

  1. What do I know now that I did not know 30 minutes ago.
  2. What do I think now that I did not think 30 minutes ago.
  3. Create a 90-day action plan to bring back to the office based on what you just learned.
Afternoon Break

SESSION FOUR: “Leveraging Legal Talent – The Legal Workforce of The Future”

PANEL: "CINO Lightning Round - The Need for the Role and Next Steps of the CINO"

32 major law firms in the United States and Europe have established the role of a “Chief Innovation Officer”. Each of these law firms have invested $1 million or more in non-billable talent to move the needle. Our panel will share their  experiences on how to be successful in this new and evolving role and how to establish the role within your own organization.

Josh Kubicki, President & Founder, Legal Transformation Institute LLC
Katie DeBord, Partner & Chief Innovation Officer, Bryan Cave
Ali Shahidi, Chief Innovation Officer, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP
Dera Nevin, eDiscovery Counsel & Director of Information Governance, Proskauer Rose LLP

"The Executive Director's Point of View on Leading Change, Innovation and Transformation Through Talent" - Karen Braun, Executive Director, Sullivan & Cromwell
How and why the role of The Chief Innovation Officer was created at Sullivan & Cromwell
"Good, Golden or Gone... Will You Survive in The Innovation Economy?" - Debra Baker, Managing Director, GrowthPlay
“The Tech Lawyer Accelerator Program - How Bryan Cave is Developing the Technical Lawyers of Tomorrow, Today” - Katie DeBord, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer, Bryan Cave LLP
NextGen Legal technology and client expectations for innovative thinking and advanced lawyering require forward thinking law firms to create new hiring and training programs for associates and attorneys. Katie DeBord – “Chief Innovation Officer” of Bryan Cave will share what and how Bryan Cave is leapfrogging the traditional summer associate program and innovating a whole new class of associate training and hiring.
"Flexible Lawyering Programs - Wave of The Future" - Jacquie Champagne, U.S. Talent Manager, Elevate Services

Jacquie Champagne has spent over fifteen years in the legal industry, first as a litigator at an Am Law 200 law firm and then as General Counsel of an executive search firm focused on legal. She heads up Elevated Lawyers in the U.S. which provides experienced, talented lawyers and legal professionals for fixed or open-ended projects. Jacquie uses her legal industry knowledge and expertise in talent acquisition to act as a trusted partner in recruiting the right talent and providing customer-driven solutions. She is passionate about adaptation and change in the legal industry and joined Elevate to continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the delivery of legal services.

Jacquie will be sharing Elevate’s elevated Lawyer Flexible Staffing Solution with Hogan Lovells. Hogan and Elevate created a partnership for flexible lawyering, representing a significant shift to proactively partner with a law company to address the evolving needs of corporate customers, as well as their internal needs. Right sourcing talent is an on-going issue that law departments and law firms have been dealing with in order to carry the least overhead but get the most benefit of certain skill sets needed by clients.

At the end of her talk, Jacquie would like the audience to walk away with these 3 main points of awareness:

1 – Right-sourcing talent is complex and takes time to figure out according to the needs/desires of the organization.
2 – Current models, problems associated with them, and the marketplace should be examined and organizations should consider a partnership model between law firms/law departments and ALSPs or tech companies that allows them to focus on what they do best while relying on a competent partner to fill in the gaps.

3 – Models like these in order to be successful should be founded upon relationships of trust and defined mutual benefit so as to best leverage, people, process and technology optimally.

Table Discussions and Takeaways
Discuss the keynotes and summarize important takeaways with your peers.

After listening to session’s SOLID Talks, the tables will take 20 minutes to discuss, exchange ideas and answer the following questions:

  1. What do I know now that I did not know 30 minutes ago.
  2. What do I think now that I did not think 30 minutes ago.
  3. Create a 90-day action plan to bring back to the office based on what you just learned.
Town Hall and Collaborative Q&A
Closing Ceremony
Closing includes:

1. Wrap up
2. Takeaways
3. Closing

Working Group Meet-Up

At the end of SOLID, audience members will get the opportunity to breakout into the 7 SOLID West working groups that will be continuing after the summit in a 6-month sprint. Participants will be able to briefly (10-15 minutes) join a working group, meet some other members of the group and exchange contact information. Following the summit, a Cowen representative will be reaching out to all participants that signed up for a group in order to schedule bi-weekly times for working group calls. For more information and to view all 7 groups, please visit: 

5:30-6:30PM - Cocktails & Networking
Closing includes:

1. Wrap up
2. Takeaways
3. Closing