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Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption

New York City,
September 22, 2022


8:30 AM    Coffee and Networking

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David Cowen

Opening Remarks & Table Introduction

Founder of SOLID and The Cowen Group

9:30 AM    Session 1

Mike Kasdan.jpg

MIke kasdan

Partner at Wiggin and Dana,


Wellness in the Legal Community - Lawyering While Human

Mental Wellness is a growing problem in all industries, but in law firms and corporate legal departments depression and other issues of mental wellness are sometimes seen as a weakness. How do we change the stigma? How do we change the model of work first and always? Data supports that recognizing this as a problem and coming up with solutions to protect the well being of your team gives you less turnover, higher output and a more collaborative environment. In addition to being a partner at a firm and an adjunct professor at NYU Law, Mike is CEO of Lawyering While Human - and changing the mindset of law firms and legal departments.

Table Talk

Town Hall

11:00 AM    Session 2

Lisa Kammert.jpg

lisa kammert

Board Readiness

Women (and men) who want join corporate boards need to know how to prepare and network. What it takes to be ready. Lisa develops custom and open enrollment executive education programs to help clients to learn mission critical skills to lead in their strategic business responsibilities including Women on Boards.

Senior Director, Learning Partnerships, Executive Education at Yale School of Management

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kristin Zmrhal

Vice President, Product Strategy at DISCO

Say no to the status quo. Revelations about legal transformation

Legal professionals are faced with the age-old question: accept the status quo, or embrace the future? Contrary to popular belief, taking the first steps towards digital innovation doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking, and even the most basic changes can quickly deliver better legal outcomes. Kristin Zmrhal, DISCO VP of Product Strategy, will describe the natural tendency to stay in a digital comfort zone and will offer steps to take to make an immediate impact on your legal practice.

Table Talk

Lunch Break

01:30 PM    Session 3

apoorv agrawal.jpg

Apoorv agarwal

CEO & Co-Founder of Text IQ at Relativity

AI Literacy for Non-Technical Leaders in Law

By 2030, AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy. Our goal is to prepare legal leaders to successfully navigate AI adoption and utilization in their organizations. In this introduction to AI, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of being AI literate in today’s workplace

  • The difference between AI, ML, deep learning, and neural networks, and more

  • What AI can achieve and its current limitations

Bill shafton

Fostering Diversity, Talent and Results

Everybody talks about diversity and inclusion but getting started and finding success is a challenge for many. Bill Shafton – General Counsel of Grindr understands the challenges and has had great success at Grindr and helping others.

VP, Business & Legal Affairs

at Grindr

Morgan King.jpg

morgan king

Senior Director, Chief of Staff - US Legal at Takeda

Alisa De Dominicis

Global Chief of Staff, VP Legal and E&C Operations at Rimini Street

dillon taylor

Chief of Staff & Senior Counsel at Virginia Department of Emergency Management

Matt Duble-Dice

Manager, Chief of Staff - Governance & Securities at Capital One

The Evolving Role of the Legal Chief of Staff

The Legal Chief of Staff is one of the 3 fastest growing evolving roles in the legal space right now.

Morgan and the panel of Chiefs will take a deep dive into this important and evolving role:

1. What are the various backgrounds that are prevalent for this position?

2. What skills, competencies, and experiences are needed?

3. Why was this position created?

4. What does the General Counsel expect from his/her Legal Chief of Staff?

5. What are the career paths after this role?


Table Talk

Town Hall


3:30 PM Session 4

carl morrison

Director of Legal Operations at MGM Resorts International

Tom Stephenson.jpg

TOm stephenson

The Power of Legal Ops to Accelerate Your Career

Wherever you are on the Legal Jungle Gym these days, Legal Ops has the ability to accelerate your career.

From Data Analytics to productivity gains and increased leadership awareness and collaboration.

This will be a 20 minutes sprint workshop and Q&A with 1 worksheet and rapid networking of ideas

Director of Legal Operations at Credit Karma

Wrap up



maureen holland

New Reporting Structures for eDiscovery and Legal Ops.

The benefits and freedom of eDiscovery and legal operations reporting to finance and not legal.

Several major corporations have redesigned the reporting structure for eDiscovery and legal operations.

This has numerous benefits and has accelerated innovation and productivity.

Maureen will share the benefits and how you can advocate for this power and freedom.

eDiscovery Senior Service Manager at AstraZeneca


Julia Hasenzahl

Co-Founder & CEO at


The Future of Work: Reframing the Discussion

Employers and employees will need to work together to imagine and build the future of work. Managers are from Mars. As the battle heats up over the future of work, are managers, executives, and the C-suite bad guys?  I don’t think so. As co-Founder and CEO of ProSearch, I am an in-office person and I built and in-office company. By June of 2020, I knew there was no going back. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours reading academic literature, corporate research, surveys, and media stories on remote and hybrid work trying to figure it all out. My head is spinning, but I will share one clear thought.   

Seth Eichenholtz.jpg

Seth Eichenholtz

Transform your career beyond eDiscovery

Working with other departments is a way to gain recognition across the company and elevate your career. Seth took the opportunity to pull together Legal, HR, Risk and other departments to create a work flow for internal investigations without redundancies.

Head of Insider Threat Risk Management at Mastercard

Morning Break

Michael Avalos.jpg

michael avalos

How to Hire recent Law School Grads and Accelerate their Value.

AIG has a trend setting approach to hiring talent. First- develop an internship program for 1L’s & 2L’s. And then offer the best students full time in-house opportunities upon graduation.

  • This is a fast growing trend within the Fortune 1000. 25 major corporations are hiring recent law school grads and another 25 have this initiative on the drawing board.

  • Gone are the days of hiring all in house talent from outside counsel.

  • This is the future normal. Are you ready?

Chief Branding & Sourcing Counsel and Associate General Counsel at AIG

matt durney.jfif


Head of Contract Lifecycle Management at Cimplifi

Contract Data - More Within Reach than Ever!

Head of CLM and recovering eDiscovery project manager at Cimplifi, Matt Durney, will show you how to kickstart your contract analytics program using tools and processes you already know and likely have in-house. Streamlining business operations and automating processes leveraging analytics is possible, not as complicated as it seems, and well within the wheelhouse of legal ops professionals.

Town Hall

bruce kasanoff

Using Social Media to Uplift Both Your Career and Life

Here are the secrets of professional success on social media as explained by one of the leading ghostwriters and coaches in the industry.


at Kasanoff.com


Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Accelerator. My EQ Development Journey

meredith gordon

Senior Director Legal Counsel, Legal Operations at Salesforce

Learn about how growing your emotional intelligence - through a focus on Growth Mindset, Self Awareness, and Coaching techniques - can supercharge your leadership skills and help you advance to the next level in your career.

Jack Thompson.png

jack thompson

Assistant Director, Global eDiscovery and Legal Operations, Sanofi

 The Five Families of Contracts - How to Get Them Around the Table

Who are the contracts management stakeholders in a large corporation?  How do you get a large diverse group to lean in together to establish priorities and protocols?  Jack will talk about the evolution of CLM over the past 7 years and how to determine your corporation's needs.  

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