SOLID West 2019 Tech Showcase

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Speed-date top technology with trusted peers and colleagues

Are you tired of having technology reps pitching you? Now there’s a much better way to explore cutting edge technologies: exploring opportunities with peers and colleagues whom you trust and value. 
If you are tired of “having target on your back,” this is the remedy.

In just over four hours, our Tech Showcase will significantly expand your understanding not only of what is coming next, but also of what is coming after what comes next.

Our format is specifically designed to make you smarter and better informed. 12 technology Shooting Stars—funded startups with big ideas—will present for five minutes each. After every five pitches, there will then be 20 minutes of group Q&A, so that you can benefit from the wisdom and insights of your colleagues, and vice versa

At the end of the afternoon, there will be multiple “speed dating” sessions so you can dive deeper with the innovators who most caught your attention. But you won’t do it alone; you’ll be joined by trusted peers who can accelerate your learning curve…and whom you will also help.

During their pitches, each of our Shooting Stars will explain:

  • Why they started the company
  • The founders’ background
  • What business challenge they actually solve
  • How you (the client) get a free proof of concept

Yes, that’s right, each of our Shooting Stars agree to offer a free test proof of concept. We call it R&D for Free.

You’ll come back twice as smart, thanks not only to the highly efficient exposure to 12 Shooting Stars, but also to the chance to co-create knowledge with your senior-level peers at other leading organizations.

The SOLID Tech Showcase creates a space in which buyers and sellers come together to engage and discuss NextGEN Legal Technology priorities and possibilities. It’s a rare opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge in a short period of time.

The Tech Showcase is complimentary for qualified professionals. To request an invitation, please click here. This event is for you if you are a Chief Innovation Officer, legal entrepreneur, or a driver of innovation in a corporate legal department or law firm.


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