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SOLID Atlanta Speakers 2024

Meet Our Speakers
Nirav Shah.jpg

Nirav Shah

eDiscovery Counsel,

The Home Depot

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The Power of One: The Journey of a Solo eDiscovery Counsel

It may sound impossible to manage eDiscovery for such a large corporation as a team of 1, but at Home Depot, they make the impossible, possible.

Briordy Meyers.jpg

Briordy Meyers

Discovery Counsel, Google

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Legal Data Intelligence:  Breaking Down Silos.

Briordy Meyers, Discovery Counsel at Google, will discuss the common challenges with legal data he observed across the organizations he has worked at as in-house counsel and how those challenges presented opportunities for improved risk management, cost savings--and innovation.  While process and technology are central to addressing enterprise level data workflows, Briordy will focus on the people aspect to Legal Data Intelligence and how networking within your organization is the key to turning challenges into opportunities.

Dan Lantry.jpg

Dan Lantry

Vice President, Legal Affairs, North America, Sonova Group

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Law Department Innovation

Dan will share valuable lessons providing insights and strategies to help you navigate innovation journeys in the legal field. His team uses an innovation mindset which has helped them to manage an overwhelming influx of requests and demands efficiently. By simplifying and automating processes, his team can focus their talents on high-impact tasks.

Bradley Johnston.jpg

Bradley Johnston

Legal Chief of Staff and Director of Operations, SunPower Corporation

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How to Get the Most Out of SOLID

How do you maximize your experience at SOLID?  Brad will delve into effective strategies for networking and leveraging the wealth of knowledge shared by your peers. Discover tips for making meaningful connections, participating in collaborative discussions, and accessing learning opportunities that can enhance your professional growth. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned attendee, this session will help you unlock the full potential of SOLID, ensuring you leave with valuable insights and a robust professional network.

Alison Grounds.jpg

Alison Grounds

Partner & Managing Director of Troutman Pepper eMerge,Troutman Pepper

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Using AI as a Training Tool

Learn how eMerge has incorporated generative AI into their team training.  eMerge built a Generative AI system to assist with  1:1 training with AI for their workflows and tools.  

David Bernstein.jpg

David Bernstein

Executive Director, Analytics Senior Manager, Legal Department, Wells Fargo

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How Wells Fargo Built a Legal Business Intelligence Group from the Ground Up

Learn how having a flexible yet focused approach, emphasizing the importance of people, a consultative mindset, and the right tools helped to build a robust Legal Business Intelligence Group. What challenges they had and how they fostered collaboration, and leveraged technology to create a robust and forward-thinking business intelligence function.


June Hunter

Technical Enablement Lead, DISCO

  • LinkedIn

The AI Edge: Elevate Your Legal Career to Superstar Status

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the legal industry, and like every other sector, it's happening faster than many want to admit. While some lawyers have embraced AI in their daily workflows, others are still unsure about taking the leap. In this session, learn how adopting new AI tools and techniques can enhance your efficiency, improve case outcomes, and streamline research. Plus, gain actionable insights to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry and become a more effective, innovative, and competitive lawyer.

Allison Jones.jpg

Allison Jones

Counsel, CoverMyMeds

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From Chaos to Catalyst: Leveraging a Not To Do Framework  

Attendees can expect to: 

  • Learn a tool and framework to revolutionize workload efficiency, freeing up time to focus on the highest-value initiatives

  • Discover the power of contextual reframing to transform problem solving, challenge assumptions and enhance negotiation outcomes, and unlock innovation 

  • Explore applications of these tools in practice to influence, collaborate, and deliver differentiated value 

Omar Haroun.jpg

Omar Haroun

Technology Advisor, Oxford University Institute for Ethics in AI

  • LinkedIn

The Rise of Generalists: Predicting the Transformation of Legal

As Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) progresses from theoretical aspiration to imminent reality, its ethical ramifications present a critical area of examination. This talk will delve into whether AGI should indeed be our ultimate goal, considering its potential impact on both the legal industry and broader societal structures.  By scrutinizing these issues, I aim to provide a nuanced perspective on the desirability of AGI and its alignment with the foundational principles of justice and societal well-being. 

Lawrence Briggi.jpg

Lawrence Briggi

Manager e-Discovery Legal Specialist Team, IBM

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How to Get from Now to Next - Metaskills

Adam Rouse.jfif

Adam Rouse

Sr. Counsel and Director of eDiscovery Operations, Walgreens

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Batia Snir_edited.jpg

Batia Snir

Data Scientist, ProSearch

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Vincent Catanzaro.jpg

Vincent Catanzaro

Lead Counsel, FedEx

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Key Takeaways and Actionable Insights

Michael Mendola.jpg

Michael Mendola


Discover Financial Services

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Amanda Evanson.jpg

Amanda Evanson

Senior Corporate Counsel - eDiscovery,

Delta Air Lines

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Marc Jenkins.jpg

Marc Jenkins

Chief of Legal Staff & Director of Legal Operations, Constellation

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Gordon Moffat.jpg

Gordon Moffat

Manager, eDiscovery and

Litigation Technology, Tennessee Attorney General's Office

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Kelli Brooks.jpg

Kelli Brooks

Sr. Solutions Architect,


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Isaac Pereira.jpg

Isaac Pereira

Senior Manager

eDiscovery and Forensics

Warner Bros. Discovery

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