The Cowen Group in Association With Baker McKenzie

Present SOLID London

7 November 2018

The SOLID Summit is coming to London on 7 November 2018. SOLID is a TED Talk style summit focused on innovation and the business of law. Did you ever listen to a great SOLID Talk or panel and wish you had time to engage and brainstorm in real time on how to apply those ideas to your business? 14 speakers will give TED-style talks around the intersection of innovation, advanced technology and the business of law. They share what they are doing, how they are doing it, and the business impact it has. 

Our talks are followed by facilitated table talks, sprint panels, and town hall discussions, whereby participants discuss what they know now that they did not know before the session started and how to apply these lessons to their own organizations. SOLID provides participants with maximum interaction with peers and colleagues in a round table, workshop environment to assess current challenges and design concrete solutions. 


Baker McKenzie International HQ

100 New Bridge Street
United Kingdom

Meet Our Faculty and Speakers 

Audience Breakdown

Corporate Legal Executives & General Counsels

Law Firm Executives & Counsels

Technology Companies & Allied Professionals

Reasons to Attend SOLID

Our day will be broken into four themed segments focused on innovation and disruption. We will focus on challenges and barriers, identify opportunities for meaningful change, and develop solutions for all market segments.

100 legal professionals and subject matter experts from law departments, law firms, alternative legal service providers, and academics.
Purposefully moderated tables with curated participants from all market segments.
Participants will switch their tables 2 times throughout the day.

To request sponsorship information or an invitation to attend, please email