SOLID London November 7, 2019

8:30am – 9:00am Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00am Welcome Ceremony – Call to Action and Summit Overview

Table Introductions

Session 1: The Big Picture – Macro Drivers of Change

Tepo Din – EMEA Head of Litigation, Enforcement and Investigations, BNY Mellon

The Art of becoming more Business Savvy- how the Law Depatment of Today leads Tomorrow :

Reducing outside counsel….. the way you do business is changing – mix of law firms and NexGen technology investment… The law firm department is quicker and more resilient mirroring the business in general a.k.a. more client facing and speed of response… Installing a document management system

David Griffin – Head of Legal & Governance Systems and Change, British Telecommunications

Take It For A Test Drive

British Telecommunications has gone from bits and bites of innovation, to a strategic plan a.k.a. maturity, with priorities and criteria for technology purchases that meets the ned of the department and business. In fact- David and BT Have created a “Take it for a Test Drive” model that separates the best and the brightest from the not quite ready for prime time players. Much of that on the cloud.

Emer Kelly – Legal Director, American Express

How to Reimagine and Reinvent the role of Lawyers in Global Legal Services.

The right data in the right place and right hands allowed humor Kelly to reimagine the global legal services of American Express and get the green light to run it from London not New York.

Table Discussions and Town Hall

Morning Break

Session Two: Innovation in Action – Corporate Use Cases 

“Leveraging Predictive Analytics”

Christopher Grant – Director – Head of Relationship Management / Head of Eagle Lab LawTech Innovation, Barclays

Constant Improvement is the New Norm

How does Barclays Bank consistently drive global law department innovation, cost savings and transformation. what is the right balance of new talent, training and outsourcing?

Jonathan Westwood – Head of Legal – Clients & Relationships, Experian

Shifting the Thinking and Value of your Lawyers

Psychology, culture and reward. Almost all law departments are required to do more with the same today. And now more than ever it’s critical for executive leadership to be able to lift existing talent to another level. and align with the business and clients. But How? Johnson will share his experience and techniques on lifting his legal team to the next level

Jamie Fraser – Director of Legal Operations & Innovation, Smiths Group plc

4 Lessons on Transformation through the lens of 2 innovation projects (case studies) 

  • legal as a leader of business improvement
  • Continuous improvement methodology – lean methodology
  • Build vs Buy
  • Consitnuously self advocate, how things get stalled with change of leadership

Case Studies

Alternative service resource model that built within smiths

Lawyers on demand built an NDA app – review tool for business to use to streamline process of NDA.

“Innovation in Corporate Legal: What We Have Learned“

Table Discussions and Town Hall

12:30pm – 1:15pm Lunch – Tables switch

Session Three: Innovation in Action – Process Driven

New Table Introductions

Neil Willson – Head of Legal Vendor Management, British Telecommunications

Howard Hill – Manager, Legal Operations, General Counsel’s Office, American Express

The impact of NextGEN Technology on Teh Business of Law.

Howard has 16 years of driving legall technology changes at AMEX. What’s Now and what’s next for legal team and the impact it will have on value creation and perception.

Karl Obayi – Group Lead – Forensic Technology & eDiscovery, Rio Tinto

How to Win in the Innovation Economy.

“The Changing Legal Landscape – The Big 4 Accounting Firms Influence in the Market “

“Change Agents – Navigating Through Increased Complexity”

“Teaching Attorneys to Fish: The Impact of Expert Systems”

“In-House Discovery for the Win”

“Legal Leads – Partnering with the Business to Support Innovation”

Table Discussions and Town Hall

Afternoon Break and Table Switch

Session Four: Innovation in Action – People Driven

New Table Introductions

David Cowen – President, The Cowen Group

The Top 10 NextGEN Legal Careers and how to find them.

We’re in the early stages of building a community of tech-savvy, ultra-resourceful attorneys. These are people trained in the law, but who also possess the critical thinking skills and tech knowledge to help create the future of the legal industry. What are the top 10 NextGen Legal careers and how do you get from Now To Next.

“The Rising Tide of Legal tech – Improving Legal Outcomes Through Technology ”

“Build Your Talent Pipeline Like A Major League Baseball Organization”

Tomorrow’s in-house Lawyer

Table Discussions, Town Hall and Final Thoughts

5:00pm – 6:00pm Cocktails

Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you at our next SOLID.

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